Saturday, September 24, 2011

Front Entry

Front entry has a new floor installed, waincotting refinished, front doors refinished, stairs and risers refinished and walls have been painted. Medallion will be painted gold to match all the other medallions in the offices.

Front stairs during prep work.

Second floor hall waincotting refinishing prep work.

Third floor stairs refinished, walls being painted.

Third floor flooring refinished.


The full bathroom was totally remodeled. The tub was replaced with a neo angle shower in a new location. The hanging sink was replaced with a pedestal sink. The old metal window was replaced with an energy efficient window. New marble floor was installed. The ceiling was raised and a chair rail was installed on the walls.

Original bathroom

New bathroom - mirror above sink and cabinet above the toilet will be installed once they arrive.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen was totally remodeled and expanded. The half bath and pantry were removed to allow for more kitchen space, mainly for cabinets. One old window was found boarded up behind the pantry wall. A new window was installed to let more light into the kitchen. Kitchen includes new stained cabinets, granite countertop, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, cooktop/oven, new hardwood flooring (oak with Brazilian Cherry inlay border).

Just in case you forgot what the old kitchen looked like.

Old cooktop/stove. This was the extent of the old kitchen.

Now the new kitchen......

And now the final product................

Cabinet knobs. Goal was to compliment the antique glass door knobs throughout the offices.

I heard Lauren's mother is a wonderful cook. We will have to get her over to the kitchen to Christen it.


Father Arthur's office.

Father Arthur's office with refinished floor and pocket doors (leading to Bishop's office).

Bishop's office.

Father Arthur's office.

Secretary's office.

Secretary's office.

Recess lights rough in ceiling, secretary's office

Bishop's office partially completed. New flooring stock stored in office.

Front Hall

Pictures of the front hall new floor, re-finished entry doors, painted walls and refinished stairs.

Front hall light fixture, new Brazilian Cherry floor and refinished entry doors.

Front hall stairs and railing refinished and new floor.

Front hall and entrance door to office (leads into secretary's office).

Front hall new floor and refinished antique wall grillwork.

Ceiling Medallions

Upond removal of false ceiling we found the old ceiling medallions. Most were in good shape except for many layers of paint. One medallion was damaged from prior electrical renovation where a large hole was drilled to fish wires to other parts of the room. We manually stripped the old layers of paint off the medallions and repaired the broken one. The medallions were all painted gold to make them stand out on the ceiling.

Medallion re-finished, painted gold and new light fixture installed in Bishop's office.

Medallion re-finshed, painted gold and new light fixture installed in Father Arthur's office.

Plaster Board Hanging

Blue board hung on all new walls and layover in secretary's office ceiling.

Bishop's room.

Father Arthur's office.

Ceiling and medallion.

Misc Items

Upon opening the walls and ceilings we discovered broken pipes, cut up framing, broken/missing subfloor boards and bent pocket door tracks. These were all repaired.

Cut-up floor joist framing from prior renovations.

Broken subfloor in kitchen.

Broken subfloor in kitchen.

Bathroom cut-up floor joists from prior renovations.

Re-pointing interior bricks in Bishop's office to prevent water migration from exterior. Exterior pointing to be done in near future.

Bishop's office demolition.

Broken vent/drain pipe in bathroom ceiling. This was repaired so new kitchen sink could vent into the stack.

Pocket door track was bent up when the first floor was turned into a doctor's office in the 1930s. The plumber pushed up the sink drain pipe and bent the track up. He either knew he did it and decided not to fix it since it meant opening up the wall, fixing the track and moving his pipes or he did not know he did it. My guess is he knew. Both pocket doors now fully open and close. We are also going to get a new skeleton key made so the doors can be locked with the existing antique lock.


Once walls and ceilings were opened it was discovered there was no insulation. New fiberglass wall and ceiling insulation was installed in all opened areas.

Kitchen wall insulation

Wall insulation.

New Wall Framing

After demolition we found the walls had no framing, only 1x3 strapping attached directly to the bricks. This would not meet the current building code so the walls had to be re-framed and then insulated. Bathroom, kitchen and Bishop's room were framed completely.

Bishop's Room

Bishop's Room

Bathroom framing

Bathroom framing

Kitchen framing

Kitchen framing